by Allison Han

Set among saguaros
And purple prickly pears
Lies a place of such prestige
That no on can compare.

 In the Wrangler’s Roost you’ll find
Kelsey, Don, and Joe
They get you in the saddle
And all geared up to go.

Ride Wrigley to Mt.Nebo
With Karen in the lead
And Eli to theWash
To really pick up speed.

Take Valentine to Peggy’s Point
With Lisa in the know,
If Sunset Ridge is what you wish,
There’s a horse named Domino.

Follow Mark out to the cattle pens
To herd the calves and hold ‘em
And Jon will teach you how to dance
And “ride ‘em like you stole ‘em”.

Talk to Steve to keep you busy
With activities all day
And see Lisa in the Dog House
To drink your cares away.

If mountain biking is your thing
Then Casey is your guy,
Or maybe you’re for fishing
With Rick the nature guide.

Pancakes and everything
Else to imagine
Will be waiting for you
Up at The chuck wagon
Bob’s on the grill
With help by his side,
Can’t go wrong with a breakfast ride.

At night stroll over
to Cottonwood Grove
To dine by the fire
and watch the show.

A homestead built in Tucson
Among the cacti and dust
Has grown into a ranch resort
We all can love so much.