Harmony with Horses

March 25, 2013


Tanque Verde Ranch offers a unique opportunity for those interested in advancing their knowledge and experience with horses. Families (12 years & up), friends and individuals, alike, can now learn teambuilding exercises between rider and horse!

Harmony with Horses provides riders with extensive horsemanship skills, improved riding ability, better self-understanding, and one of the most unique vacation experiences in the southwestern United States. Harmony with Horse Program Coordinator, Lisa Bedient, encourages that everyone can benefit from this program regardless of age or skill level. “Adults tend to be more anxious about riding,” she said, “which is why I like to teach the biomechanics of riding and break down everything step-by-step.”

While Harmony with Horses has been claimed to be “very therapeutic” by many of the program’s repeat riders, Lisa indicates that the program also carries a number of additional benefits. “The nuggets of knowledge,” otherwise known as the muscle memory, is taught and tested throughout the program, and is a tool that can be used back at home with rider’s personal horses, said Lisa. “You simply don’t have to think or worry anymore.” A prime example of how this program benefits riders comes from one of Lisa’s students who recently had a serious accident and was fearful to lope again. After program completion, she regained her confidence and was now able to go on a number of rides during the same visit.

Lisa welcomes all interested candidates in the program regardless of it being one individual or a large group of friends. Many of her students in the past have included couples, newlyweds, girlfriends, families and individuals. While many of her students do come in at different skill levels, they all “leave with a wealth of improved horsemanship knowledge, better self and horse respect and an unforgettable vacation,” said Lisa.

Advance reservations are required. For specific dates, times, rates, or to register, please call Tanque Verde Ranch 1-800- 234-3833 or email lbedient@tvgr.com. Also you can watch the video about the program by clicking here.


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