Cowgirl Concierge

December 30, 2013

Cowgirl Concierge

If you’ve visited the ranch lately, you may have crossed paths with wrangers Kelly Hoffman, Melissa Meridew and Kelsey Anderson, but just this fall Tanque Verde Ranch launched a new program featuring the trio to help improve the guest experience. It’s called the Cowgirl Concierge.

While offering a concierge service is no new amenity to the oldest and largest working dude ranch country, the Cowgirl Concierge trio provides a very unique service that offers not only the expected on-on-one assistance, but also provide educational opportunities for guests, regardless of age or activity. Enhancing riding and horsemanship skills and helping create new aptitudes in all other daily ranch activities is all a part of the new service.

The trio has a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences in the hospitality industry, but they all carry a synced personal passion for their guests and horses alike. “The goal of the Cowgirl Concierge service is to give guests a true Wild West vacation,” said Meridew, Tanque Verde’s program director. “We wake up and come to work everyday with a simple goal in mind – to help create a lifetime of memories for our guests and create bonds between the horse and rider.”


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