The Diary of Golden Eye – Director of Fun

December 30, 2013

The Diary of Golden Eye – Director of Fun

The long, summer days at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert remained fresh in Golden Eye’s mind, even months after leaving Minnesota to head back to his home at Tanque Verde Ranch. His experience at camp provided not only new friends, but new skill sets and strengthen talents. It changed him for the better.

Everyone noticed this change in Golden Eye including Tanque Verde Ranch’s General Manager, Jim Bankson, who surprised Golden Eye with a promotion upon his return – Golden Eye was now the official Director of Fun.

The Diary of Golden Eye – Director of Fun

Honored and proud of his new position at the ranch, Golden Eye wasted no time in transitioning into his new role. As director of fun, his focus is placed on leading and organizing current and new activities, teaching the fundamentals of horsemanship, and ensuring each and every guest is making the most of their time at the ranch. His efforts are going to be especially centered on the idea of ‘unplugging’ from the world and technology and hone in on those around you – like family and friends. In Golden Eye’s mind, the ranch is a place of rest, relaxation and a ‘golden opportunity’ to create new memories.

With Minnesota’s 10,000 plus lakes, Golden Eye spent a fair amount of time fishing. It was one of his new, favorite past times. The first time he felt that tug on his line and set the hook on the big, 14” walleye was one of the most thrilling experiences he had ever had in his life. So of course he had to share his passion for fishing with guests at the ranch.

The Diary of Golden Eye – Director of Fun

Lake Corchran Is a 1.5 acre catch-and-release fishing lake which is known to provide a relaxing, close-to-nature experience. Bluegill sunfish, largemouth bass, and channel catfish provide plenty of action and sport for both experienced and novice anglers. Golden Eye’s led a group of guests to the lake and provided them with bait, tackle and instruction. Within minutes after dropping a line in the water, guests were getting bites left and right.

The Diary of Golden Eye – Director of Fun

Golden Eye smiled ear to ear. His first day as director of fun was a success. The anticipation and excitement for what may come next in his new role stirred inside of him as he began daydreaming of future activities he would be in charge of – and then suddenly he was pulled back into reality as he felt a tug on his own fishing line!

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