Nina Baird, Group Sales Manager, is the new friendly face behind Tanque Verde Ranch corporate events. She has built her reputation providing not only a memorable guest experience, but also creative corporate, social and non-profit event planning solutions with imaginative design and impeccable coordination. Nina has played multiple roles at the Ranch over the last 17 years including Front Desk Clerk, Gift Shop Manager, and Convention Services – Meeting & Event Planner.

Nina was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and attended Pima Community College after high school. She indicated she not only felt drawn to the area on which Tanque Verde is located, but she was especially drawn to hospitality industry. Rita Cote hired Nina on in 1992 where she watched not only the Cote family children grow up, but repeat guests also. “To me, this isn’t just a business, the ranch is family. I’m proud to be part of it and hope to continue for many more years,” said Nina.


According to Nina, Tanque Verde Ranch is truly a unique site for a retreat of any kind, whether it’s a social visit or corporate with over 600 acres located on the base of the Rincon Mountains. Tanque Verde Ranch is adjacent to the Saguaro National Park that includes over 60,000 acres of parkland to explore. With breath taking views, exhilarating activities, and above all a commitment to service, Tanque Verde offers our guests an amazing, unique and memorable experience.

“I love it when I get the opportunity to connect with a client and get them excited about the vast opportunities at Tanque Verde Ranch. I enjoy sharing all the amazing amenities of the property and offering our guests a unique experience,” said Nina.

“Guests have a chance to turn their meeting vision into reality with state-of-the-art meeting facilities, unique teambuilding activities and experienced meeting planners to guide you every step of the way,” continued Nina. “Whether their goal is teambuilding or purely an incentive trip, we has an array of opportunities to meet that goal.”


What sets Tanque Verde apart from other venues, is the balance created between work and play in a unique desert environment. Another major draw to the ranch is the exquisite culinary adventures– southwestern, local and gourmet flavors sing throughout Breakfast Rides, BBQ cookouts, and private dinners. Other exciting day and evening entertainment options await.

The Rincon Terrace is Nina’s favorite outdoor venue and is the perfect location for a reception. She pointed out “guests have spectacular views of the sunset and love to watch the colors play off the Rincon Mountains. It is also an ideal location for an evening under the stars. Arizona is also known as the Astronomy Capital. Our guided star tour is the perfect way to end an adventurous day at the ranch with an incredible view from the Rincon Terrace.


Nina’s Top 5 favorite reasons to choose a summer retreat


Breakfast Trail Ride

  • Guests can choose from a horseback ride, joining a guided mountain biking group, or participating in a nature walk up to breakfast at the Old Homestead twice a week.

Jeep Rally

  • This group favorite will get your guests in the competitive spirit. On a desert rally, each Jeep forms a team (up to 6 People) to navigate the trail, answer desert trivia questions, find fool’s gold and other artifacts, and compete in such events as archery, roping and horseshoe pitching, while attempting to keep an average time and find the trail boss at the finish line. See the natural wonders of the Sonora Desert accessible only by a four-wheel open air Jeep. Your guests can be assured of an informative and entertaining adventure, while gaining appreciation for the Sonora desert.

Team Penning

  • Start your morning with Team Penning – a friendly, timed competition between cattle and guests on horseback. Teams of 4-5 riders are matched against a herd of 5-8 uncooperative cattle. Each team’s goal is to maneuver the cattle through a series of obstacles in the fastest time. After honing your skills, the team-penning finale is to guide the cattle into one of three available pens to score the most possible points.


  • The Saguaro Room boasts high saguaro rib ceilings and a grand fireplace that offers a drop down screen, built-in speakers and a ceiling mounted LCD. All these components together will make for a perfect meeting presentation.


Nina’s Top 5 favorite reasons to choose a winter retreat


65-75 degree days

  • For winter guests, start your day with a meeting, but save some time in the afternoon to soak up the Arizona Sun, average 65-75 degree day temperatures and no snow! You will be able to enjoy all of our outside ranch activities with our perfect desert climate.

Salsa Margarita Challenge

  • Kick off your evening with a Western icebreaker, the Salsa Margarita Challenge. Teams go head-to-head in a timed margarita and salsa making competition with a twist: They’re judged not only on taste and presentation, but also on the marketing of their creations. Each team is given a blank flip chart and colored markers with which to tout their finished products. This activity is set up so participants can choose to mix drinks, work on the salsa or draft the team’s sales pitch.

Guided Astronomy Tour

  • Unwind with an evening under the stars with a guided astronomy tour. Arizona is known as “The Astronomy Capital of the World.” Red LED lighting illuminates the area around the telescopes for safety and ambiance. Each tour guide uses a powerful green laser to point out the constellations and bright stars.

The Western Carnival

  • This is the perfect combination of fun and friendly competition. HOOPS & HOLLERS abound when everyone gets their chance to play a wacky Western Carnival Games. Each split rail style booth is surrounded with carnival string, lightning, decorated with red bandanas, signs and a scoreboard. Attendant barkers invite your guests to participate in some of the zaniest games ever to come from our western heritage.   Cowboy, Indian & Mexican Theme Games compliment our baker’s dozen selection to allow a custom fit for the evening’s entertainment.

65-75 degree days

  • Did we mention the perfect weather and temperature?

Click here to learn more about why you should host your next corporate meeting, special event or teambuilding event at Tanque Verde Ranch. Regardless of the preferred season your guests are interested in visiting, the ranch can be the perfect venue for your event.



Breath. Stretch. Strengthen. Allow. Connect. Do you have a special place in your heart for horses? Are you interested in yoga? Join us here at the ranch as we combine the two into one yoga journey with Cathy Woods Yoga of Horsemanship Package.

This brand new and very unique package is offered January 25-30 starting at $650 per night and includes deluxe lodging with 3 hearty meals a day, the five-day Yoga of Horsemanship program, daily ranch activities, exquisite dining adventures and more. The five-day program is truly an awareness practice that is both a fun learning experience for novices and experienced riders alike.

You will not only work on stretches and balancing, but also strengthening and alignment techniques for horse riding. You will learn breathing techniques that can be used in your yoga postures as well as in the saddle. Cathy will take you through a relaxation technique called a body scan. For those who aren’t yoga experts, a body scan helps one focus on the sensations in each individual part of your body, increasing overall awareness in life, on the mat & in the saddle. Yoga of Horsemanship is not about doing yoga poses on horses, but rather brining the yogic, present moment awareness to our interaction with horses and all that we do.


The Yoga of Horsemanship Program is a time to go inward to deepen the connection with oneself. It helps to escape the stresses of the day, and allow you to be in the moment. Learning this technique will allow you to move with grace, patience, flexibility, strength and balance in the saddle. This entire program is to make one a more aware and conscious rider.

Cathy also helps with arena exercises where participants lead and work with different horses experiencing the individual energy of each horse and oneself. You will be able to take what you have learned on the mat into saddle on scenic journeys through the desert mountain trails of Arizona. Enjoy these very rewarding days full of stretching, strengthening and learning all centered around horse-back riding.

Learn more about Cathy Wood’s Yoga of Horsemanship Package by clicking here or more about Cathy Wood’s programs nationally by clicking here.

Ranch Refresh Project

October 1, 2014


Summer has been anything but quiet at Tanque Verde Ranch. As part of the 2014 “Ranch Refresh” Project, there have been several improvements to not only our facilities, but more importantly our units and rooms.

The Ranch is excited to announce that now every single room at the ranch has new carpeting. Several rooms have new energy efficient sliding doors and there are now plenty of outlets to plug in all the electronic gear each of us tends to carry when we travel. The ranch has received truckloads of new furniture thanks to Carmen Petitti owner of Que Bonita in Tucson; even the Road Runner area has new furniture and windows.


The Haciendas have several new amenities that boast of not only authentic comforts, but also a unique story behind each piece of furniture. They not only offer new leather furniture, but also hammered copper top tables, custom-made from across the border in Mexico. The Tarahumara live in remote villages high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, handcrafted the chairs used within the Haciendas. One of the most fascinating facts about these chairs is that each came out of the mountains on the back of donkeys before arriving to the ranch.

The Tarahumara People or Raramuri Indians (loosely translated as “running people,”) are not only known to make quality chairs, but they are better known for their long-distance running ability – barefoot. Click here to watch a Discovery Channel Documentary on the Raramuri Indians of northwestern Mexico.

Nearly a half million dollars has now been spent in 2014 to renovate and remodel several buildings, facilities, and guest units on-site. This past spring, the Doghouse Saloon underwent a $35,000 facelift with new deck furniture, fresh paint, a new stereo and hanging glass racks. The ranch also purchased a dozen new horses and brand new catering equipment. Tanque Verde welcomes you to come experience the new and improved ranch.