From Nanny to Lead Reservationist

December 23, 2014


“Tanque Verde is like an extended family,” exclaimed Bea Labrada when asked about why she enjoys working for Tanque Verde Ranch. Bea has been an employee at The Ranch for 28 years.

Born and raised in Mexico, Bea moved to the Arizona after she married an American man and found work as a nanny.  Her new boss, Bob Cote, was also the man in charge of a popular ranch in Tanque Verde.

Once the kids were able to take care of themselves, Bob hired Bea as a front desk receptionist. Over her many years fo employment at the ranch, she made her way from front desk receptionist to current position as Lead Reservationist.  She has watched the company grow and develop over the years.

“I have seen many changes, but the core values also remained the same,” said Bea, “That’s why I have never left.”

Bea explains that the ranch is family oriented and cares about their guests as much as she does, that’s why it is such a good fit for her.  This time of the year is her favorite.  It is rewarding to book families and couples for a holiday experience at the Ranch.  Each holiday season there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy including; mountain biking to breakfast, Yoga with a cactus view, a variety of loping rides, and pools for relaxing by during downtime.

One of Bea’s favorite delicacies can be found during lunches on the world-renowned dessert tray! The “Cactus Cookie!”  She insists that everyone tries the Sanguaro shaped cookies (or that no one does so that she can have them all to herself because they’re that good.)

When asked why she enjoys working at the ranch so much, she exclaims, “I always respected and loved my bosses, colleagues and teammates and the most important, our guests!” words of wisdom, from one of TVR’s favorite employees.


2 Responses to “From Nanny to Lead Reservationist”

  1. Marsha Simkin Says:

    As returning guests, we always enjoyed and continue to enjoy visiting with Bea by phone and in person. She is a great asset to the Ranch. Go Bea!
    Marsha, Ed and all the “little” Simkins

  2. Benita Raleigh Says:

    We think of you often Bea, and it was wonderful to read about you! Happy Holidays from the Raleigh family…Bob, Benita, Jessica, David and Alexandra

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